Create Gorgeous Eyebrows for Your Clients

If you’re looking to offer the best lash and eyebrow treatments, Elleebana brow henna should be a staple part of your beauty supplies. Alongside other incredible treatments such as the Elleebana lash lift and eyebrow tinting kit, our professional henna products will help you to create individual looks for your clients that they’re going to love.

Henna has become popular to use on brows thanks to the wide range of benefits available. It’s not just about the beautiful results produced but the strengthening and conditioning properties provided. As henna is plant-based, it contains a formula which helps to restore hair growth and the natural eyebrow shape. The superior skin stain and coloration results are impressing industry experts and clients alike.

The Elleebana collection consists of professional pigments coming in seven luxurious shades. This helps you to create a palette of colors in your henna collection, which can be used individually or mixed together. Create each client’s desired look which also matches their skin tone. The result is brows which appear thicker, smoother, and softer.

Why Choose Our Elleebana Brow Henna Kit?

  • We’ve chosen to offer Elleebana brow henna products to beauty professionals as they’re renowned in the industry for sourcing the best suppliers of henna plants, producing products of the highest quality.
  • Thanks to the unique formulation and beneficial properties, Elleebana brow henna can be used on clients looking to enhance their natural eyebrows, as well as those who have over-plucked their brows or have sparse hairs.
  • It’s easy to create custom henna colors as our complete Elleebana brow henna kits contain a full set of all seven pigments, including blonde, black and five shades of brown.
  • Our kits are cost-effective for brow stylists, as the range of pigments can be used for over 700 henna treatments – that’s over 100 applications per bottle.
  • The innovative, gentle Elleebana brow henna formulation can stay on hair for up to six weeks.
  • The kit contains everything you’ll need to offer Elleebana brow henna treatments, including a brow shampoo, PH activator, henna mixing sticks, brow brush and applicators, and makeup remover.
  • You can also buy Elleebana brow henna products individually in our online store, including pigments, henna mixing tool, mixing cups, stirring rods, and PH activator.
  • If you’d like to expand your beauty treatment lists further and offer the very latest trends to your clients, we also provide Elleebana lash lift training and lash lift products.
  • Many of our students find they can upsell Elleebana brow henna services alongside their lash lift services as both treatments have a fast, 20 minute application and processing time.

Get All Your Professional Beauty Supplies Here

Our brow henna kits and other supplies are purchased by beauty professionals, salons, and stylists. In fact, many of our customers come to us for all their lash and brow products having completed one of our lash lift training Utah courses, which you can register for now.

For more information about our Elleebana brow henna, please visit our online store for all your professional supplies.