Lash Lift Products to Create Gorgeous, Longer Looking Eyelashes

When it comes to Elleebana adhesives, Lash and Beauty Store provides an incredible selection of products available to beauty professionals. We’re committed to helping lash stylists across the country offer their clients experiences which will keep them coming back to use your services time and time again. This means offering the best Elleebana products, including all the lash lift refills you require. In our online store, you’ll find individual lash lift glues and adhesives, or you can purchase them as part of a complete Elleebana lash lift kit.

Lash lifts have set the beauty industry alight with the amazing results produced. Lash clients can now have longer-looking eyelashes without the need for extensions. They last 6 to 8 weeks on average, but up to 12 weeks in many cases. The trick to creating lash effects your clients will love is to become certified in a brand renowned across the globe for their lash lifting greatness – Elleebana. Alongside our Elleebana lash lift training, we also provide all the lash lift products you need to succeed in one of the hottest lash trends.

So why use this range of adhesives over other types of lash lift glue you may have come across? Elleebana has designed their adhesives around two main factors – fast, easy application and a stronger hold. This allows for optimal positioning and separation of the eyelashes while holding them in place throughout the processing time. Elleebana’s original adhesive is quick and straightforward to apply, saving you time and ensuring your clients remain comfortable throughout. As well as their original products, Elleebana also offer a keratin strong hold adhesive which makes the process even easier. It has a 10% stronger hold to help you achieve the best results possible.

Our product lines evolve as Elleebana’s do, offering you the latest products and advancements in lash lifting.

Elleebana Adhesives Are Essential for the Best Lash Lift Results

  • Using Elleebana adhesives is essential for holding the lashes in place on the lifting rods during the treatment for the best results.
  • Elleebana adhesives and lash lift glues can also be used to hold the silicone rods in place on the eyelids, as well as any protective eye pads you’re using on your clients.
  • Lash lift adhesives can be used on any length of lashes, while you’ll find different sized silicone rods in our lash lift refills. Unlike lash perms, lash lifts are also ideal for those with shorter lashes, as the natural eyelash hairs are lifted from the root rather than being curled.
  • Elleebana adhesives make the process easier as you won’t find lashes popping off the rods during the treatment.
  • Lash stylists won’t have to reapply Elleebana adhesives thanks to their stronger hold, reducing waste for lash businesses and salons while producing faster results for clients. This gives your customers a better experience from start to finish.
  • As the lashes are held firmly in place by the Elleebana adhesives, it produces the most effective lift on the hairs, making the natural lashes look as long as they possibly can.
  • The original Elleebana adhesives and their strong hold product now have the option of a squeeze tube as a great alternative to the application brush.
  • These new Elleebana squeeze tubes allow for lash stylists to dispense just a small amount of the adhesive into a mixing dish or their glue ring, reducing cross-contamination risks and allowing for more close up work with the lashes. It also limits air exposure to the glue, increasing the adhesive’s shelf life.
  • Elleebana adhesives such as their popular strong hold product also contain keratin and biotin. These support the lashes during the treatment, nourishing and conditioning the hairs when applied alongside other Elleebana keratin products.
  • Buy single Elleebana adhesives in our store for your lash lift refills or choose from a wide range of lash lift kits.

Using the Best Lash Lift Techniques

The adhesive application method you use will depend on the type of lash lift glues you’ve chosen. However, the Elleebana strong hold adhesive has a faster setting time, so it’s important to understand the right techniques to allow you to work efficiently and get the best results. Lash lifts use silicone rods to create a ‘lift’ right from the base of the eyelashes, producing better results when compared to other treatments which curl and shorten the hairs. The adhesive is applied to the silicone rods once they’re in place, allowing stylists to correctly position the lashes using a lifting tool.

You can learn the secrets to achieving the best results for your clients on one of our popular lash lift training Utah workshops. You’ll get to see the techniques in action with expert Elleebana trainers, as well as practicing on live models. After successful completion of our workshop and case studies, you’ll receive your official Elleebana certification. This provides your clients with peace of mind you’re qualified to perform lash lifting and help you get the right insurance cover at your salon. Get Elleebana trained and certified with Lash and Beauty Store now.

Buy Elleebana Products for Your Lash Lift Supplies

In our online Lash and Beauty Store, you’ll find a full range of products, including Elleebana glues and adhesives. This includes the Elleebana Stronghold Lash Lift Keratin Squeeze Adhesive, Elleebana Strong Hold Adhesive, Elleebana Lift Glue, and the Original Lash Lift Adhesive Squeeze Tube.

Our customers can also get their hands on one of Elleebana’s range of adhesives if they purchase a complete lash lift kit. These provide you with everything you need to start offering lash lifts after your training. We offer a selection of kits so that you can choose the right products for you, and you’ll also receive one when you sign up for professional training with Lash and Beauty Store. Products you may find in our kits include lift and neutralizer sachets, lifting tools, paper eye shields, application brushes, lash adhesives, various sized lifting rods, protective balms, Belmacil tints for enhanced looks, and much more.

Buy the best Elleebana adhesives now in our online store.