Get the Best Eyelash Products

Thanks to the expert training we provide to all beauty professionals, we’re able to offer the best in Elleebana lash lift kit as part of our professional supplies. Our Clients can create individual looks for each of your clients, achieving longer lasting lashes that last up to 12 weeks.

Many of our customers get Elleebana certified on our lash lift training in Utah course before using our online store. You’ll find everything you need to provide the very best services for lash treatments.

The Elleebana lash lift is one of the most popular trends in the lash industry and creates longer, luscious lashes without the need for extensions. It’s a fast, 20-minute treatment, so it’s great for your bottom line too, helping you to create cost-effective services. You’ll gain repeat business thanks to the positive experience and outcomes you’ll deliver to your clients. Elleebana’s conditioning and nourishing formulation leaves lashes looking healthier and longer, requiring minimal aftercare.

At the Lash and Beauty Store, you’ll find a wide range of lash lift products, providing all the supplies you need to get started or top up your collections. Buy individual tools or products or begin with our Elleebana kits.

Benefits of Our Elleebana Lash Lift Kit

  • In our Elleebana lash lift kit, you’ll find one-shot applications for a no waste, hygienic treatment.
  • As well as our regular Elleebana lash lift kit, you can find various collections to meet your needs, as well as Belmacil mini tinting kits and complete lash and tint kits.
  • Depending on which lash lift kit you opt for, you’ll find supplies to help you achieve the best results, including lift and neutralizer sachets, lash lifters and applicators, adhesive, lifting rods, and various colored tints.
  • You can also find individual products to complete your beauty supplies, including refills, protective balms, and color match charts.
  • Different sized silicone rods can be found in our lash lift kit to lift both short and long lashes.
  • Alongside your Elleebana lash lift kit, you can upsell your services with keratin mascaras, Elleebana brow henna, brow and lash tints, and more.
  • The products in our Elleebana lash lift kit are of superior quality, and lash lifts can even last up to 12 weeks if the right aftercare is followed.
  • Learn how to use our Elleebana lash lift kit and tools as part of our training courses.

Get Certified & Shop for Professional Beauty Supplies

Learn how to achieve the best results for your clients, and all the tips and tricks to succeed on our Elleebana lash lift training courses. Our workshops are hands-on rather than online based, giving beauty professionals the chance to practice expert methods on real-life models. You’ll get to grips with specialist techniques, including perfect lash positioning, how to tailor your services to clients’ existing eyelashes, and how to tint lashes for enhanced looks. You’ll even receive a starter kit, and you can find all the products you need in our online store. Advance your skills to offer the most sought-after treatment in your area.